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E-Learning aimed at getting your marketing and business tasks  up and running in simple steps to save time and money.

Hello, I am Graham from NicheChain Consulting services. I have a background in IT, Logistics and have helped many clients in setting up systems and training on  projects.  My  aim is to provide training and tips to save time and money  in business from Internet Marketing to Supply Chains . 

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Fast and Simple Tips and Tricks

Make a Video with a Single Image
Conjure up animated tours of your images almost instantly. Tawe is a new, free iOS app. Try it now! I[...]
Do Infographics Work?
As they say on TV cooking shows, here's one I did earlier. I think it helps to reduce content into[...]

Software Tools for Business

Video Creation Tool you can use for Free.
There are many video creation tools on the market that you can use for free. The quality and features can[...]
Do Whiteboards Work?
I have been using whiteboard style videos for some time now. I have created e-learning whiteboards to get a point[...]
7 Great Tools for Video Marketing
Here are some great tools that can be used to create and edit videos for your video marketing campaigns. Some[...]

Cyber Security

Some Free Plugins for Securing your Blog
Security is an area when you are starting is something you should really  consider. There are hackers and spammers that[...]

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