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5x Video Resell Rights Products In A Box Now Available!

When it comes to making money (online and

offline) there are two factors that are vitally

important. Time and effort.


Your time is valuable and you want to spend your

time doing what you’re good at. If you’re good at

closing JV deals, you do that, if you’re good at

creating sale page videos, you do that, if you’re

good at emailing your list you do that.


The big mistake is attempting to do everything

yourself. The last thing you want do for example

do is spend your precious time attempting to

design a mini-site header and get a B+ at best

when you could hire someone else to get it done

is half the time and give you A+ results.


The same applies with effort. Why attempt to do

something from scratch when someone has already

done the work for you. Don’t try to reinvent the

wheel when it’s easier to work with it.


Smart use of your time combined with clever use

of what’s already available is what will set you

apart from other marketers.


This is what today’s email is all about.


Aaron has just released a quality set of Resell

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end user.


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If you’ve ever bought any of Aaron’s resell

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His new pack is no exception. You’ll be able to

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read/write or research any of the material

yourself… truly lazy if you ask me.. but hey,

that’s the name of the game. More money, less



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Why you should be using an autoresponder to boost your sales

Don’t go another day without using an autoresponder to get more sales…

If you want to create a longer term online business, an autoresponder is a tool you really can’t afford to ignore, as this will give you a lot more options when it comes to email marketing. Many new Internet marketers have a misconception about autoresponders; they think that using an autoresponder to grow your profits is a highly complex process and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a genius to use an autoresponder; you only have to follow a few simple steps. You only have to decide what kind of campaign you want to create and start composing some messages.

Before using an autoresponder service, it’s important to figure out which solution to opt for. Rather than hosting an autoresponder on your server, it’s highly recommended that you subscribe to autoresponder service. Managing your own autoresponder can be a headache, especially when you are starting out. You are basically outsourcing the management for a fee when you subscribe to an autoresponder service like Aweber or GetResponse. This is the most effective way to utilize autoresponders, without worrying about having your email being delivered on time or having any bounce backs.

Another crucial element when it comes to email marketing with an autoresponder is making the subject line of your email enticing enough that your subscriber opens the email and reads it. The subject line of your email is the part that determines whether your subscriber will even read your message or not.

If you want to get your reader’s attention, you have to create a noticeable and interesting subject line. Relevant and compelling subject lines are one of the keys to successful email marketing campaigns. Increasing your open rate is essential for any email campaign, as your subscribers have to read your message before they can take any action on it. With all of the emails everyone gets today, your message has little chance of being read if you don’t give enough thought to your subject line.

To finish; email marketing doesn’t mean that you should be of disinterest to your prospect. Your autoresponder is supposed to make your email marketing easy and at the same time ensure that your subscriber receives interesting messages. If you hope for your subscription rate to amplify with a lower amount of people dropping it, then utilize your autoresponder for sending out messages that are worth of note / tantalizing to your list. If your subscribers start to feel incongruous or jaded after the first few initial emails, you won’t be offered the chance of mesmerizing them or making a strong impression.

As we’ve seen in this article, using an autoresponder in the right way can be one of the most effective ways to build a growing list of responsive, targeted customers. Do your research in terms of keywords, products and your target market so that when you set up your autoresponder campaigns, you’ll know there’s a strong demand for what you have. The above principles can help you get off the ground and begin taking full advantage of autoresponders so you can start building your list.


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How To Become An Internet Marketing Expert. Lesson #1

Have Questions? Need Answers? Keep reading...Let’s first start this discussion by talking about what it actually means to be an Internet Marketing Expert.

Now when I say expert, I’m not talking about the kind who sits around and ‘talks’ about what to do to make money online. There are countless experts out there if that were the criteria. The expert you want to be is a lot different.

You want to be the attention grabbing internet marketer who gets paid for things they have to offer both online and off. These are the ones who can sell millions of dollars in products just by using their name alone.

You’ve most likely bought their videos, their software, their books, systems, courses and more, all in the hopes of following in their footsteps.

Well today is the day to heed some serious real life advice.

You need to not only strive for your marketing goals, but also immediately change the way you look at the internet’s potential to change your life.

Simply put, you need to be a part of the club. The ‘insiders’ tend to know more than the general public, and profit nicely from this information.

Keep reading my blog so you too can be a part of this club. More lessons in this series are coming so make sure you signup for my updates!


Here are some famous Internet Marketing Experts and how they got started:

Seth Godin

Like many other marketers, Seth got his start in business school
– Stanford, actually. After getting his MBA, he worked in
software and book packaging, eventually creating one of the
first online marketing companies, called Yoyodyne.

During this time in this business, he began to realize that the
market is not a place where one can simply hope for the best. A
person needed to have something really special, something that
set him or her apart from the rest of the crowd in a big way.
Seth also introduced the idea that many marketers had forgotten:
customers matter and they deserve to be respected. When dealing
with customers online, Seth pointed out that spamming and other
forms of lies were just not the best practices. Customers were
smarter online and they had more power than they do in the
stores, as they had more options.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary started Wine Library TV in 2006 as a way to promote wines
that he loved and to appreciate wine with the help of an
audience. Originally designed to review wines and to answer
questions posed on his Facebook page, Gary’s audience began to
grow. He now has hundreds of thousands of viewers of his daily
wine tastings.

Most of the time, he’s the only one in the chair, tasting the
wines, but over time, he’s had some other folks help him out in
his duties, including Timothy Ferriss. He’s now in a partnership
with, which allows him to produce videos about
wine which are then distributed to consumers.


As you can see these famous marketers weren’t just born Gurus.
You can have every bit as much success as they did if you
know the way. Now, if you were able to corner any of these super-successful
marketers and ask them what their biggest secret is, what are they going to tell you?

They’re going to tell you ‘The Money Is In The List’ and if you’re not already
building your list and emulating successful marketers like these, then you are
most likely going to fail, it happens time and time again with beginners.

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The Quickest, Easiest And Most Secure Method Of Backing Up Your WordPress Blogs

Today, 3:25
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On a beautiful late fall afternoon, two Internet Marketers graduated from the same website creation class and proudly set up their new websites. They were very much alike, these two proud marketers.

Both had used the premiere website solution available today – WordPress.

Both were better than average Internet Marketers, both had identified a great niche to conquer and both – as budding businessmen are – were filled with ambitious expectations for the future.

One week ago today I heard from both of them.

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But there was a difference.

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Green Transportation


Green Transportation?

This is not going to be about what you think. I have been reading the articles and what we all put on sites. It all looks the same. The ranting crusader approach. The planet will not be saved if we don’t do this or that . We are right you are wrong and we can quote this source. The sources are the same and in reality a lot of people are just repeating what they find. The planet is warming the planet is cooling, Climate change is all due to human activity. Climate change is due to something else. Globally warming is real/ not real and we can impact it etc etc etc. We can do a bit for ourselves by saving money using alternate energy, wind power, small turbines, off grid living ,diy energy, homemade energy, free energy, alternate energy, green power, etc etc etc. Does it all sound familiar? 

What started me on this track were bicycles. Cycling has become a major “green” idea in many developed countries with cycle paths springing up everywhere. Recently I watched a person with his go faster helmet and “save the planet for our children” tee shirt riding along the roadway a full pelt. I am a cyclist so can gauge roughly the speed and it would be in excess of 25-30kmph. For a car this would not be fast. It is average fast for a mountain bike. Anyway , back to the story. Up ahead was a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights. The road lights were red. The crossing lights  (walking green man) were green. People were crossing the road including a mother with a pram (the twin variety). Did the cyclist stop or even slow down? Of course not . He weaved his way between 2 people did not notice the pram clipped it and started to shout at the mother as if it was her fault. No thought that people could have been seriously injured , no respect for a crossing full of people , no respect for a law that says you should stop. I know many cyclists who would speak up in defence of the cyclist as they seem to think they have the right to do as they please the rules don’t apply. Cycling Politicians have been seen openly flouting road rules & many people have no idea there are road rules for cyclists. All they care about is getting from A to B as fast as possible and do not care about the consequences or the impact of their actions. Does this sound familiar? It should do. It is the same argument used against cars as polluters and destroyers of the environment.

The conclusion I am trying to make is we should practise what we preach. Concern for the environment means concern for the whole environment and that includes people. Save the planet for our children so we can mow them down with our environmentally friendly transport is not exactly the motto for the green revolution.

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