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Are these the best campaigns? Can you make money from them?

The article below shows some ways you use to add to your campaigns.

As it says online video accounts for 50% of mobile traffic.

In a recent Facebook campaign I ran I was expecting the target audience to come from PCs due to the age group. To my surprise , it was 67% mobile and an older demographic (women aged 45 and over). So video and mobile are taking over whatever the target and product.

Source: Top 5 Video Marketing Campaigns

eCommerce and the Impact of the Changes

The Infographic below shows how eComerce is seen from the Customer point of view. To me it also shows how retail fulfilment may well be a limiting factor. Customers are expecting an Omni channel approach more and more. We are now getting to the level of high impact high cost logistics. You can already see retailers wanting to charge for instantaneous services . Amazon Prime is a case in point. Networked delivery systems require investments and the providers will not be interested in delivering if there is no chance of a profit. I will be interested to see how the trade off between over-delivery based on service and under-delivery based on cost will turn out this year. 

Source: The Future Of eCommerce [Infographic]



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Let me ask you – do you want to make money online?

A very simple, but straightforward question. And I want you answer it.

Do you want to work from home? Do you want to actually live that live that until now only existed in the flashy sales letters you are reading every now and then.

Well… What’s holding you back?

What is it that doesn’t allow you to achieve the financial success that you have always dreamed of?


A price of training you cannot afford?

No plan?

Not having a list?

Not knowing what to do?

Any of these things?

…or… is it YOU? Maybe your biggest problem is NOT the traffic, NOT the lack of step-by-step instructions, NOT the list, but YOU.

You, just like everyone else, have 24 hours in a day.

You can spend this time doing something productive, or you can just let the time pass by.

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After all, you are on Facebook right now reading this post!

So instead of spending hours browsing through Facebook every day, you can do something productive. Do something what would make you feel good at the end of the day. What would make you feel good at the end of the week, month, year, 10 years from now!

…however sometimes you are doing your best, and the problem is not within you – but within the external factors.

Sometimes it is the list, the traffic, the system, the lack of a step-by-step plan

Well, what if you could solve all of these problems, what if there would be a system where you would be able to generate free traffic, build a list for free, promote products for free, get a detailed step-by-step instructions – also free?

“Okay… Where’s the catch…?” – I hear you say

And even though I’m going to say that there is no catch, you won’t believe me, so I won’t even bother.

Instead I want to give you an opportunity to start your online business that you’ve always dreamed of TODAY, and WITHOUT PAYING A CENT:

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How to Edit Internet Marketing Videos When you have Vista

Realse of Windows Vista in Sweden

Image via Wikipedia

Have you seen the videos made online to put on your website

Making videos using tools such as windows movie maker or windows live movie maker can be done for free. However, if you have Vista, be sure the the program works OK.  If you have changed any permissions you may encounter issues such as not being able to create the movie.

Video Editing Free Tools

There are usually two applications on the PC as stated above, Movie maker and Live movie maker. Live looks more “modern” but can be more temperamental. Movie maker is more error tolerant , especially when using 64 bit Vista. There is also Jing for smaller videos and this has a paid version. It seems to work OK with Vista. Another option for PowerPoint style videos is Animoto. Camstudio is also anther option.  Many of the other free options may have issues with Vista. You can check them out yourself , but from experience I can say some of the older ones will have permission issues and will not work well with Vista.

Video Editing paid options

For paid applications the main standard is Camtasia. You can get a free trial for 30 days to see if it is right for you. They have a very strong support structure so can help with most technical issues. With Vista 64 bit you may encounter some issues depending on the user profile set up in Vista. On one machine I set up the only way I could get it run was to use the “full”  administrator rights.  There are others such as NCH Debut. Debut has a free option you can use and is split into several modules. For a basic record and edit system it will be less than half the cost of Camtasia but will have fewr features such as editing and enhancement features . It works well with Vista.

 Editing Methods

For most of the video editing systems, especially the free ones the movie will have to be in a format that can be read by the software.  For recording Camtasia and Debut will use an internal format to record.

Once you a recording you can do many things. You can add a soundtrack and put it into you movie by using drag and drop features.  You can also  cut out parts of the movie (trim & split),  you can add other movies into you main one. Special transitions such as fading in and out of sequences, annotations and titles can also be added. Once you have what you want the movie is then “rendered”.  This creates a complete movie in a format such as avi. With more expensive systems it is possible to output something that can be directly uploaded to your website or YouTube style sites. For the cheaper or free ones you will generally need to have Video Converter tool to change the format to “flv”,mp4 or Swf. Free software such as Format Factory can do this for you . Playback free software such as VLC can also do this.

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Some Video Marketing Tips

Many small businesses now recognize that it would benefit them  to make YouTube videos for for their own website. However,  many also have little understanding concerning  what type of videos to create. The following information will hopefully give some video marketing tips that can be used by small  business owners.

1- Give valuable information & content to your customers

Ensure that your target customers  get to know your products and services. Let them see details on  features. In all cases focus more on the  “value add”  benefits they can get from your product or buying from you. Include at least one  unique selling proposition in your video script.  In other words, show what customers or clients will receive from working with you instead of your competition.

2- Create ? video for Customers Questions

Small businesses will  often know their customers well and the questions that clients or customers will  frequently ask. Create Videos  to answer those FAQs and then post them on your own website or a  video sharing site.

3- Have extras and gifts to expand client base

Make ? video which promotes an Irresistible offer and create an an opt-in list. This will enable you to get potential customers to provide you with their email address and name to get an opportunity to win ? valuable product. You could offer ? desirable product, tutorial video, eBook or anything else that would be of value to your customers.

4- Make video with case studies

This is a good selling point for any business. When you have verifiable written case studies it is a highly effective promotional tool to market your business. This type of video will significantly boost your business. It offers statements via audios and visuals of previous clients or customers who have good news to tell about your product or service. This video should be a subtle selling feature to show potential customers how they could also get help from your service or product.

5- Product Review

Just about every business has a targeted market that would be fascinated with product reviews for merchandise directly linked to your service or product. You can make ? video that will cover benefits and features in depth for the product and also give expert evaluation or opinion to your customers.

Ways to profit with web videos

Internet  Video  is still in its infancy with so much potential ahead.  Now is the time to get started and there are many ways you can profit .

 1. Upload Your Video To Ad Revenue Sharing Sites


Image by SHAREconference via Flickr

Although YouTube is the leader in video sharing and video syndication it has only just introduced placing adverts on its videos to monetize the site. Despite the fact that many thousands of  videos are submitted each day only those videos from the professional content partners and over 70 independent partner channels will have their videos monetized and receive a percentage of the income.

To profit from submitting your videos then you must look elsewhere and  is a great option. Revver is  a video-sharing platform  that supports the free and unlimited sharing of media. The  unique technology tracks and monetizes videos as they spread virally across the web, so no matter where your work goes, you can benefit. It is not the only site sharing revenue with video submitters depending on how many times the videos are viewed. Blip.TV and offer revenue sharing as well.

 2. Combine Web Video With Affiliate Marketing

Review a product using a well written article. Many new products on the market now have a video embedded within the sales landing page. Using a program such as Affiliate Video Brander you can make use of the sales page video and incorporate it into your article or blog post.

This has many advantages, no cost to you, no time spent producing the video and not even the techie knowledge on how to make videos. As long as you receive permission to show the video, and why wouldn’t you as the product owner wants to sell as much product as possible, all you have to do is show the video and collect the affiliate commissions

3. Create your own  Web Video Site

Most movies available on Google Video can be embedded on any web page. If the option is available for the video, there will be a link next to it that gives you the embed code.

If you create a niche site that has plenty of videos available at Google Video and build the site with WordPress you can quickly have a site where you can continuously add new content, much loved by Google. You can find videos about dogs, martial arts and DIY just to name a few.

Create a post for each video, write some text about what is covered in the video and make it interesting. Add Google AdSense ads and/or related product affiliate links to the post and also include an opt in box to capture your viewers email address to notify them of new videos and related offers.

If this proves successful then you can research another niche and start an additional site..

 4. Create Promotional Videos For Local Busininses

Once you have experience of making your own videos and have the confidence and equipment required then contact some of your local businesses and show them the benefits of adding video to their websites or starting a website if they do not have one already. I know of a pest control website in the USA which has increased business by displaying funny videos about, you guessed it, pests.

Obvious potential clients would be Realtors, Hotels, Leisure Centers and Car Dealers. It is advisable to license the videos to your clients as it would cost them less to start with and encourage more business, especially once they start to benefit from your input.

Create your own website promoting your services and start advertising in the local press and at the venues of local business and society meetings. Print up business cards to pass aroundound.

 5. Place Affiliate Links on Your Own Videos

When you are hosting your own videos or paying for a paid web video service then you have control over your videos and can add redirect URLs to the video to take your viewers to your affiliate partners.

You cannot add redirect URLs to videos submitted to YouTube and other free video sharing sites or video syndication sites.

Now you’ve learnt the above 5 great ways to make your own video with great profit.

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Getting ranked Number 1 in the Video searches

If you are concentrating your efforts on marketing with video, one major part of the strategy is ‘ranking’ the video high in the search engine results. If videos show up in the search results, they are more likely to get clicked than the listings that are just plain text.

Below we’ll discuss the methods that will ensure your videos will get top search rankings.

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How to Increase Your Video’s Views.

Driving traffic to your videos is as simple as driving the traffic to other pages. The methods listed here may only apply to video, but chances are that they are not methods that are new to you. One thing that should ease your mind is that search engines have yet to be developed that can index the content of videos. The end result of this is that there are fewer things that need to be done to increase search engine rankings, but all should be optimized as much as possible. To ensure the fastest “organic” search traffic you will want to focus on keywords that generate the highest search volume while coming up with the lowest amount of competing videos in the search engines. Make certain that you have used your keyword phrase in the filename of the video as well as in the description and title when you are uploading your video to sites like YouTube.

Use these options wisely, as they are the only parts of the video page that you can influence. Ensure that you build backlinks to each video, using anchor-text that is keyword rich. By doing this you will ensure that your video not only gets traffic, but that it gets ranked by the search engines as well. In order to drive additional traffic it’s always helpful to use your own network when promoting video.

Sharing your video on Facebook or Twitter, or even in a blog or sending links by email are all good ways to ensure your video gets seen. In order to rank higher in a search engine’s results, you can increase your videos views and comments by sending your own traffic. The more views your video receives; the more comments that it generates; the higher your video will be ranked by the search engines. With this sort of encouragement your video will eventually receive enough views that the traffic can explode; a process known as “going viral”. Using “video responses” is another means by which you can market your video and increase site traffic. Many video sharing sites allow you to use a video as a reply to an already posted video. Because your response will displaying your video under an already posted (and popular) video, yours will gain exposure by being shown to those who are viewing the original video.

This process will be most effective if you post your video as a response to those videos that already receive a good deal of traffic. This process won’t work as well if you respond to videos that are not very popular. You can ensure that you receive a good amount of traffic to your own video if you post a response to a video that has a high viewing rate.

This shows that there is a lot more to generating traffic than simply posting a video. You may have to “nurse” your video by promoting it until it starts generating its own traffic.

Optimizing for your keyword phrase

Once you have done the keyword research , checked out the competition, you’re ready to start creating videos optimized for each keyword phrase. Surely they are going to easily rank, in Google — right?

Unfortunately, not for sure. Expecting these kind of results will only lead to frustration. There needs to be one extra step in the keyword research phase. You need to KNOW that it’s possible to rank an optimized video for one particular keyword phrase, before you start putting in the effort of creating the video.

How to tell?

In order to tell if it’s going to be possible to rank your video for a particular phrase, you need to check manually. Copy and paste one of your researched keyword phrases into Google. Any video listings in the search results? If there aren’t, you should forget trying to rank a video for that phrase, it may never happen.

For example. At the time of writing this article, there were no videos for the phrase: “tea tree oil uses”. Even though there were hundreds of videos listed in Google (check by using the “Videos” tab), Google chose not to rank any of them in the first page of the search results.

Now, from this point, you could either dismiss this phrase and try another from your list, or “play around” with the phrase a little. Add or take away words to the keyword phrase to see if any videos appear.

Understanding why Google ranks some videos, but not others…

Try to understand things from Google’s viewpoint. They only want to display a video in the search results if it is going to be useful to the searcher. To continue the above example, after adding the word “directions” to the phrase, (so it would be: “tea tree oil uses directions”) videos appeared in the search results.

If the competition was a little easier, it would be a good idea to go ahead and make a video, and optimize it for that phrase.

Optimizing for your keyword phrase

Continuing this, sometimes the videos themselves give a hint on other keyword phrases that could possibly be ranked for.

After typing in “tea tree oil uses directions”, videos appeared at the bottom of the page in Google. The title of the videos that appeared was “Soap Making Instructions – Tea Tree Oil Soap”, so they were not much related to the phrase I typed in.

Going a step further, I pasted in “tea tree oil soap instructions”. Much better – videos were ranking at position number 2 instead of the bottom of the page. This would be the best keyword phrase to now optimize the video for.

If you are concentrating on gaining search engine traffic from video marketing, using the above technique will be a very useful factor in determining whether it would be worthwhile in creating a video.

It may add an extra step to your keyword research, but the initial efforts will pay off in the long run, and avoid frustration..

Three Great Ways to Dominate the Search Engines For Your Chosen Keyword Phrase

If you want to increase traffic to your video, you’ll need to try and get your video to the top of the search engines. Although, you don’t need your video in the top position to ensure that it stands out from the pack and gets high clickthrough rates. If you want your video to dominate the search results, there are three things you need to do.

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Keywords

To begin with, targeting the right keywords will ensure success. Choose unique keyword phrases that have a healthy search volume, but not too much competition. A good thing to look for is that there are already videos ranked for the chosen keyword phrase, as sometimes, big search engines like Google do not include videos in the search results, no matter how well optimized the videos are. Having this information will ensure that you will know how much work needs doing to ensure your video out ranks the competition. Videos that come up in your keyword search results will need to be analyzed to determine just what you will be competing against.

– Analyze the title and description of the video to see what keywords it uses.

– How many views and comments the video has received?

– Use a backlink analysis to determine the number of backlinks the video has, from which sites, and the page rank of the sites.

If you use tools like Backlink Watch or SEO Quake plugin for Firefox you can make tracking backlinks a simple exercise. Don’t be discouraged if you find the videos you analyze prove to be difficult to compete with, just try the next keyword on your list.

2. A Note on Backlinking

In order to make certain that your videos rise to the top of the search engines, you’ll need to make sure that you have backlinks pointing to your video; preferably with keyword-dense anchor text.

Don’t hesitate to use your article marketing skills, social bookmarking techniques, blog comments and networks as well as any backlink services you can think of to get those backlinks.

A good thing about building backlinks to videos is the fact that you don’t need to space them out too much. You can add as many links as you want very quickly. Search engines won’t notice full scale link building efforts, considering the massive amount of backlinks already pointing to the site. Following  this advice will enable you to use the type of submission services like Unique Article Wizard, that create large amounts of links in a very brief time period.

3. Syndication and RSS Submission Explained

Nearly every video sharing site generates automatic RSS feeds for each user or video page. You can submit the video feeds generated by using software along the lines of RSS Submit or RSSBot, or you can manually submit them. Two things are working in your favor if you do this.

Firstly, by doing this, each aggregator will generate links that will point back to your video and increase your backlink numbers. The second advantage is that your feed could very possibly be picked up by site creators that use targeted feeds to generate their content. More backlinks to your videos will be generated by doing this.

You can bring your video to the top of the search results by using your keyword phrases; a task that may take some time and effort, but is really quite simple. Your extra efforts will be rewarded when you see how much traffic is generated because of it.

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How To Leverage Other People’s Time So You Can Grow

By now you’ll be aware of how much work is involved when it comes to making money online. There’s product creation, creating promotional material for your affiliates, ensuring your site is in working order, list-building, getting traffic, link building and so much more.

And with all these important to-do tasks it can be hard at times to focus on getting just ONE simple task done. If you are feeling tired or even a little bit burnt out let me assure you that you’re not alone! There are many marketers out there at the moment that are feeling the same way including myself!

Here’s the thing though, there are basically two ways to do business online. You can try to do everything yourself or you can outsource your activities and leverage the power of other people in your business.

If you decide to go with the second option here you will be making more money in the long term and the reason for this is simple. You are in effect limited to what you can achieve online as an individual but your ability to employ other people and the results that they can achieve for you is unlimited, and that means that the limits to which you can grow your business are unlimited.

When it comes to outsourcing your business though, a lot of people find it difficult to find the right people at the right price that you can partner with to grow your business. Again you have two choices here in that you  can go it alone and see how you get on with the freelancer sites out there or you can take the lead from someone who has outsourced most of their work and knows about the many pitfalls that are involved in this business.

If you have made the decision to outsource your business you will be aware that time is the most valuable commodity that you have online so why waste more time trying to figure out all the pitfalls of outsourcing yourself.

If you want to learn how to start delegating work to other people, free up your time, allow you to focus on more important task – such as building more websites and growing your business then this new video series on  outsourcing is going to help.

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AmazonS3 Plugin

“You’re About To Learn Just How Easy it is To Embed Amazon S3 Hosted Videos on Your WordPress Website…”
This ‘Point & Click’ WP Plugin Makes it Super Fast and Easy to Get Your Videos to Show Up On Your Blog Pages & Posts!”

Have you been avoiding using video for marketing and product creation because of the lack of choices for hosting and embedding video?

It’s no surprise if you have. Many small business owners mistakenly think there are only two options: YouTube, where everything is public and you’re limited to 15 minutes, or self-hosted, where you have total control and a hefty hosting bill to match.

I’m happy to tell you, now there is a better way to use video on your WordPress site without worrying about privacy issues or bandwidth bills.

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Army Of Affiliates

When you create a product online for sale you basically have two courses of action that you can follow.

You can first of all look at doing all the promotion yourself and keep all the commissions for yourself, or you could get together an army of affiliates to do the work for you.

If you want to get out of the trenches and command an army of affiliates you will make more money long term as you will have people promoting your site for you and when you leverage the power of other people like this and scale things up it can be very lucrative for you.

The trouble is all your efforts may have gone into creating your product and now you have to go and find the affiliates. The following are some tips that will help you find these people and get them promoting for you.

The first thing to do is to make sure your product is listed in a market place like Clickbank or PaydotCom where affiliates can get access to your product in order to promote it.

You will then need to make sure that you have an affiliate page where you will have affiliate tools for them to use. Affiliates are far more likely to promote our product if you give them the tools straight up in order to do so. These tools will include things like graphics where they can put their affiliate links and reviews that they can post on their blogs. You could also look at giving them keywords they can use in their articles or adwords campaigns.

If you want to gather a team of affiliates to help you with your product you will also need to go hunting for them and there are a variety of methods you can use to help you with this.

Having the right affiliates on board though can literally mean the difference between success and failure online. While they are busy selling your product you will be able to go about creating new products and can be expanding your business.

Watch the first video below to pick up some free tips on how to build your own army of affiliates:

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What is the Key to Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to the act of sharing revenues between online merchants and webmasters. In order to earn commissions, a website owner needs to post advertisements on his website and encourage potential customers to visit the affiliate merchants site. Compensation plans are usually based on website hits, site registrations, and volume of sales. Today, most entrepreneurs prefer affiliate marketing to other forms of business venture because of the valuable benefits it brings.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

One of the biggest benefits in becoming an affiliate is that you will never need to worry about creating and promoting your own products or services. This means that you do not need to conduct research and determine your target audience. Affiliate marketing will require you to deal with existing products so all you have to do is to promote them. Furthermore, it will open your doors to a work-from-home venture, which is very convenient if you are tired of keeping a regular eight-hour job. As a full-fledged affiliate marketer, you can also work at your own pace and earn as much money as you want.

Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing

Although plenty of benefits are associated with affiliate marketing, you will never succeed in this business venture if you do not have the right tools to get the job done. However, most online marketers have to handle different tasks at once so they usually consider outsourcing services to accomplish their goals within their target time. Even though outsourcing services seems like a plausible solution, you have to remember that this method also takes a lot of time.

For this reason, experts consider automation as the key to earning instant commissions in no time. An automated plug-in is probably the perfect tool that affiliates could use. It helps them tap the potentials of multiple high-paying platforms with virtually no effort. So if you really want to become one of the most promising affiliate marketers of your time, you have to start looking for a tried and tested plug-in that will help you earn huge profits from any affiliate marketing program of your choice.

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Understanding Affiliate Marketing and Instant Commissions

Affiliate marketing is a practice in the marketing field wherein a retailer rewards affiliates for every customer or visitor brought as a potential customer for the retailer. All efforts at gaining a potential customer is the responsibility of an affiliate so you can say that a retailer is simply paying the affiliate for the effort that he’s given into getting customers for the retailer. The issue of payment though varies depending on the affiliate marketing program in effect. Some programs pay instant commissions via your PayPal account, while others require you to wait for weekly or monthly payments.

With instant commission affiliate programs, payments alternate between the retailer and the affiliate, so you never have to wait for the ‘check in the mail’.

It may also be possible for an affiliate marketing program to involve more than just the affiliate and the retailer, with affiliate management agencies coming into play. With the use of affiliate management agencies, the retailer needs only to work with the agency and the agency will be in charge of dealing with affiliates for the retailer. An affiliate marketing agency is quite the convenience to have if you’re a retailer but you may end up earning less compared to working directly with a retailer if you are an affiliate. An example affiliate management agency is

In many ways, affiliate marketing and internet marketing tactics overlap. Affiliates are free to use whatever methods they feel will work in order to promote a retailer. A lot of the methods that affiliates end up using are used by internet marketing as well that’s why overlaps happen. If you must compare the efforts of affiliates with that of internet marketers though, you can say that the former takes on a much lower profile in promoting a certain product or service offered by a retailer.

Affiliate marketing is simple enough, so becoming an affiliate should be no trouble at all. The key is the right training, and knowing which products or services to promote in advance. Got a blog? That’s one of the ways by which you can take advantage of becoming an affiliate and start earning instant commissions.

Action Step:

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How To INJECT More Traffic With PPC

If you’re desperate to get traffic fast and are not afraid to spend a little doing so because you know that you’ve got an excellent product that people really want, then you may want to consider PPC.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is exactly as it implies. You write a small text ad, choose the keywords you want your ad to be display for, and then have it displayed on the search results of sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.

These PPC networks allow you to track your campaign performance as well so when you generate a conversion – either a sale or a sign-up you’ll know exactly how much it cost you to acquire that action.

How is that useful?… Well if you have a product selling for $100 and it cost you $50 in clicks to generate that sale, you know that for every $50 you spend, you’ll receive $100 back. Nice deal isn’t it :)

When done correctly you’ll be able to scale up your business faster, and send in more traffic from more paid sources and this is just one of many way some marketers make a living online.

If you would like to skip the pain involved with failed campaigns, Google slaps and wasted money, I have discovered a way to get thousands of visitors to your site through PPC that won’t break the bank.

This method is simple, fast and effective and you can be up and running in minutes from now. What I’ve got for you is a 14-part video series entirely on the subject which will make you more proficient in getting traffic. You can watch the first video below:

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It is also a LOT of work creating a product, and to be honest with you, many marketers have no idea where to start. Creating a product can be a complex process that takes time and effort.

But what if there was a way for you to create a product almost instantly with very little work and in some cases, with no work?

What if there was a way for you to profit from other people’s effort for pennies on the dollar compared to what it would cost you to hire them directly?

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How to Get Instant Commissions Through Affiliate Marketing

Online marketing has become a popular alternative source of income, with affiliate marketing being considered one of the quickest and easiest ways to get some extra cash. However, while affiliate marketing may be profitable, the money may not come as quickly as you may want it to be. In fact, some online marketers have gotten disillusioned about the fact that the money gets into their account a month after they bring in the sale. After all, the reason why they signed up to be affiliates is so they can get supplementary income quickly. Thankfully, instant commissions can now be received through affiliate marketing.

An instant commission is exactly what it sounds like: cash that you automatically get when you bring in sales to a vendor that you’re affiliated with. Now, you no longer have to wait for a month just so you can get your commission. Instead, the money will be sent directly into your account as soon as a customer purchases the product or service from the seller through your site. In order to give their affiliates their corresponding commissions, vendors use software programs to keep track of their sales coming from their affiliates.

Like traditional affiliate site marketing, the amount of commissions you will get will depend on the vendor. For example, there are some that give 30% or 50% commissions to their affiliates for each sale they bring in. Others give 100% commission for every other sale made by their affiliates. It’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars by being an affiliate of these vendors, so you really will be able to make a lot of money, as a lot of people have already found out. Since there are several commission packages out there, it would do you well to do a bit of research first to find out which of these will be most profitable to you.

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