Burnout is something we all need to be aware of.

I know this is not about Video Marketing directly. It is , however, something that can occur in any business or work venture and can creep up on you without knowing it. Burnout can have many symptoms including loosing the edge in your creative abilities and a loss of interest in your business. I experienced this in the corporate world and did nor recognise it at first. In me it expressed itself in boredom as the tasks became too easy and routine. 

Now I amount of the corporate world and have new challenges that have let me work at a higher energy level again. 

Source: How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout, without Losing Business, or Your Health – Copyblogger

Take some advice if you are feeling close to burnout as shown by the article above. Not doing this can have serious consequences, no matter what your age.

Are These Ways of Promoting Facebook Pages Really New?

The article below cover 6 ways to promote your Facebook Pages. It includes such things as using infographics or other quick eye catchers and tagging an influencer to get them to interested in you. It all includes cross publishing Facebook and blog posts. 

Source: 6 Smarter-Than-Average Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page

After reading the article you should gain some ideas to try. I think some are not really new, such as cross publishing, but it is still good advice.

eCommerce and the Impact of the Changes

The Infographic below shows how eComerce is seen from the Customer point of view. To me it also shows how retail fulfilment may well be a limiting factor. Customers are expecting an Omni channel approach more and more. We are now getting to the level of high impact high cost logistics. You can already see retailers wanting to charge for instantaneous services . Amazon Prime is a case in point. Networked delivery systems require investments and the providers will not be interested in delivering if there is no chance of a profit. I will be interested to see how the trade off between over-delivery based on service and under-delivery based on cost will turn out this year. 

Source: The Future Of eCommerce [Infographic]

Is Photoshop Too Expensive?

When having to edit graphics for Video Marketing you can get free or cheaper tools other than Photoshop. I have used several free tools such as Paint.net and Gimp and Sumo. They both provide many features that allow you to create great images. Personally I liked using Paint.net when on a Windows machine and Gimp when I am using my Linux/ Ubuntu machine. Paint has the capability of working with Photoshop layered files which is a benefit.

However, there are some drawbacks when you need to edit files provided to you in Private Label Rights packages.

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